Incineration Plants

Responsible and value-adding

The power plants of our world are and will remain the mainstays of our energy production. Above all, however, the focus is increasingly on waste incineration plants as well as biomass cogeneration plants. In order to process our resources responsibly and in the most value-adding way possible, maximum efficiency is the requirement for these cogeneration plants, but also for the spare parts and components we supply. Because we do not compromise on quality and performance, we have been able to position ourselves, just like WEGUSTA before us, as one of the leading suppliers of combined heat and power plant equipment such as grate bars and successfully supply a large number of plants throughout Europe. To underline this commitment, we are an official and supporting member of associations such as the Austrian Biomass Association (ÖBMV).

  • Grate bars (water and air cooled, for roller, feed and return grates)
  • Grate bar retaining strips
  • Side plates
  • Covers
  • Chain conveyor
  • Funnel (armored or Hardox)
  • etc.