Metallurgical Industry

The metallurgical industry, as the largest sector of heavy industry, is the driving force of the global economy. The principle of extracting...

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Machinery & Plant Engineering

As the largest employer in Germany, the mechanical and plant engineering sector is not only one of the flagships of the German economy...

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Mining & Cement

As a fundamental part of the heavy or coal and steel industry, the mining and cement industries are the roughest among them....

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Heat and power plants

The power plants of our world are and will remain the mainstays of our energy production. Above all, however, the focus is increasingly...

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More than just a retailer...

We make the difference. Whether you “only” need spare parts, adaptations of existing equipment, extension of the service life of a component or customized product solutions: STEECO Germany GmbH is at your disposal. You benefit from the collective know-how of the entire group of companies of over 20 qualified employees, more than 70 years of experience and in-depth expertise in cast iron and steel. We are at your side, on schedule, on budget and on quality, to reduce downtime, increase productivity and secure the sustainable value of your components and thus your machines and equipment. In doing so, we skillfully manage the balancing act between cost-effective, partly foreign production and German quality understanding.

Our mission

Our mission is to share our experience, knowledge and passion for steel and iron with our worldwide partners and to meet individual needs with customized solutions, high quality products and competitive conditions.

Always driven by the vision of creating an environment that replaces the terms “supplier” and “customer” with “partner” and redefines today’s standards of service and business cooperation.